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Dear Puppet

Talk to the Muse.

Damn your strings!!
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Puppets get out of hand. We all know it. Their muses are often fickle and stubborn and sometimes they just don't do what they're told. Sometimes they REALLY piss you off. Sometimes they come out of nowhere and do something really spectacular. Sometimes they're just damn confusing. This is a community for you to rant, scold, coddle, and generally chat with your own puppets.

A few rules:
1. You may only talk to your OWN puppets here. This is not a place to start wars over something someone else's muses have done. You may address other puppets and muns ONLY in a non-threatening or joking way, or in connection with your own pup.
2. No you don't HAVE to specify which puppet you're ranting at. But it would be nice to know for all us curious readers. :)
3. Please lj-cut long entries. I leave it to your judgement to decide how long that is.
4. Please cut and label non-worksafe entries or links. Always give warnings for NC-17 material.
5. Have fun!
6. Oh, and no calling people crazy for talking to their own creations.

Note: This is an equal-opportunity forum: ANY puppet from ANY game is allowed to post here.

Also, we have a sister community, dear_mun, for your puppets to rant in when you get back at them for being insane by abusing them shamelessly. There is also dear_muse and dear_elf, for all your self-wanking needs.

This community is dedicated to _redpanda_, who runs every other Tolkien community on the internet even if she says she doesn't.

See, I told you I would do it. ;)